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jason pawley & ross adams

Jason Pawley

feb 14th // jason pawley + ross adams

Say hello to our neighbors and artist friends Jason Pawley and Ross Adams. These native visionaries work tirelessly on their own art, are gainfully employed in the Plaza District AND run Tall Hill Creative; a gallery/studio space on NW 34th and Villa. Using spray paint, pens, watercolor and acrylic, their use of bright psychedelic colors create a complimentary body of work. In contrast, their subject matter is unique to their individual inspiration. Ross is inspired by punk subculture. Think album covers, zines, gig posters and punk fashion from the 80's. Jason draws inspiration from nature and his many adventures on the road. You can RSVP to the Facebook Event here and make sure to read the artist questions at the bottom of the post.

Ross Adams

This 2nd Friday falls on Valentines day, so expect the district to be full of the appropriate celebrations. In the shop, we are stocked full of new product for the holiday. Expect to see lots of handmade gifts and Valentine's cards in addition to new knits appropriate for this late chill. You can see some of the new products online or just come by the shop! Also be sure to see full list of Plaza District happenings for LOVE on the Plaza.

For those emerging and aspiring artists we have a group show taking place the first Sunday of March and are currently seeking entries. Details below:

DNA Galleries Animalistic

Artist Questions

Jason Pawley

Jason Pawley What is your medium/process? Acrylic, spray paint, paint pens....

Where are you from? Earth

How would you describe your latest body of work? What inspires you? It's kinda like daydreaming of my travels and places or things that make me happy... where the mountains meet the ocean on a gravel road..... that's my inspiration.

How did you get started? Skateboarding graphics.... that's what made me want to start drawing.

What are your goals for the future? To say hungry :)

Ross Adams

Ross Adams What is your medium/process? Lately I've been working in a lot of different mediums. For this show I have been working with: pens, pencils, colored pencils, acrylics, spray paint & water colors, all on bristol board. Not exactly sure how I would describe the process, It's just something I enjoy doing.

Where are you from? Oklahoma City, Oklahoma United States of America

How would you describe your latest body of work? #artorwhatever

What inspires you? Probably punk, as a soundtrack and as a subversive subculture.  It is something I have always been interested in.  Album art was the first visual art that peaked my interest. Artists like Raymond Pettibon, Winston Smith and Pushead were some of my first major influences. From there, fliers for punk shows and independent zines pushed my interest in the visual art of the subculture further.  Lately, I have also been inspired by the punk fashion that was displayed so prevelently in 80's punxploitation films like: Suburbia, Class of 1984, Repo Man etc.  I'm also inspired a lot by other visual artists.  Beyond that, I would say every moment that I am breathing I am being inspired to create.

How did you get started? When I was a kid I would always draw pictures for my grandmother, because she was a painter and I thought that was cool. She always encouraged me to keep drawing. And from there I guess never stopped. I only took sketchbooks to class in high school and college (which, I'm sure was not her intention). I really don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't making or breaking something. Art has just always been there.

What are your goals for the future? Survival.


oaklahoma joey alvarez & dylan bradway

joey alvarez dylan bradway

october 11 // oaklahoma // joey alvarez + dylan bradway

DNA Galleries presents Oaklahoma: Oakland Meets Oklahoma featuring works by Joey Alvarez and our very own Dylan Bradway. This exhibit is an animated combination of styles utilizing a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, furniture and design.

Joey Alvarez is based out of Oakland, CA and creates most of his mixed media sculpture work from found objects in his neighborhood with inspiration from urban art. He has also developed a series of chair paintings are inspired by his passion for mid century modern furniture and design.

joey alvarez

Dylan Bradway has produced new works based off a series of recent sketches with emphasis on flowing lines and intermingled subjects. His work will also include a custom trike which includes a powerful sound system and plenty of style.

dylan bradway

We will also be featuring Blue Collar Built furniture, a joint venture between Joey Alvarez and Luke Austin of oakandwood.com. Blue Collar Built was established based on one simple idea, to find a balance between quality craftsmanship, materials, design and price. We are anxious to see the select okie centric furniture pieces they have made just for the show!

blue collar built

april 12th // katie rake & eli scott

Holey Kids

april 12th // katie rake & eli scott

This month, we are ecstatic to show some brand new collaborative works by our old friends Katie and Eli! We are currently in our new space (1709 NW 16th St. west of the old place) which has an entire wall seperate from the retail to fill with their original watercolors, etchings & drawings. Limited edition copies of "The Holey Kids Revival" will be on hand for purchase as well.

We've added some incredible local artists to the shop this month as well, come see what's new!


jason pawley with john young feb 8th

Jason Pawley

february 8th - jason pawley

Friday February 8th we are so excited to share the works of Jason Pawley (your favorite Mule bartender and owner of Pines Primitive clothing) along with John Young, an emerging local artist.

Jason has been refining his signature style with bright layers of color and bold brush techniques. Pawley creates a brightness and depth which is true eye candy for the viewer. If you look closely, there are small hidden concepts and drawings enmeshed in most of his work that become part of the larger piece.

Jason Pawley

John Young is more of a new-comer on our radar. His work has a rough sketchbook quality to it. His recent series "Doodling & Noodling: biomorphic abstractions from the right side" requires you to engage up close to see the detail unfold.

We are also gearing up for Valentines Day in the shop with lots of new handmade apparel, gifts and accessories. All of our gifts for this holiday are made locally with love so give with meaning and Support your local artists!

John Young



alesa clymer & "driving against balance" by jamie pettis

new works by alesa clymer &"driving against balance" by jamie pettis january 11th

We will be featuring 2 incredibly talented ladies next Friday for the Plaza art walk. Alesa Clymer is a recent graduate of UCO whose humerous characterized illustrations reflect her geek pride. Jamie Pettis is an Oklahoma expat living in Arizona. She creates richly colored female figures that blend abstracted forms with the subjects features.

In the shop we have been working to refresh our products for the new year and upcoming move. We have a selection of shirts marked down for a limited time. Hope you enjoyed your friends and family, we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Please take a minute to read our artist questionnaires below.

Alesa Clymer

alesa clymer: artist questionnare

How would you describe your work? My work fits into the category of the Lowbrow art movement, or Pop Surrealism. I describe my work as illustrations that narrate my own satirical sense of humor and geek pride.

What inspires you? The inspirations that guide my work consist of dialogue with friends and family and the art that is found in comics and cartoons, computer and console games, and movies and tv series. I find humor in everything and I am easily inspired to create from common pleasures.

How did you get started? In elementary school, I caught on quick that other people enjoyed my stories and drawings and I began writing and illustrating my own short stories on scratch paper. I stuck with my interest in art throughout primary school and continued my education at the University of Central Oklahoma, obtaining a BFA. I still feel as though I am just getting started although I have been creating my entire life.

What are your goals for the future? The majority of graduates that get an art degree seem to stop creating once they are done getting their degree, or at least most of the ones that I know have done so. My goals are to never stop creating, and to continue sharing my work.

Jamie Pettis

jamie pettis: artist questionnare

How would you describe your work? My work is very rich in color. Color is like candy for my eyes, and when I'm creating one of my pieces I get to experience the pure pleasure of seeing that colored image in my head for days.  I love drawing/painting women, and in general, people. I love to capture expression, and after much diligence feel as though I've near mastered the difficult ability to capture eyes, noses, and mouths (ears, too). When drawing people I do not stop in realism. I add to those pieces with my own free, abstract expressions of color, and flowing lines and edges. I really have no plans when I create. It's all very retrospect. I find when I think too hard about 'making' something, I stand still.

What inspires you? I'm inspired by truth. Whenever asked to state one of those little quotations that describes me, I always respond with 'Sit in the truth'. However, I can't take credit for the quote; an old therapist of mine said it to me once. This last year I've made a lot of changes in my life towards my goals and wants. One thing that has become very apparent to me is that I must be exactly what it is I want to be in this life. For awhile I became caught up in what looks good for a career, and became driven by the fear of finances. With this came a lot of unhappiness and dissatisfaction because for me my dreams will never just go away. In turn, I had to get real with myself and take a leap of faith towards my own personal truth a big part of which has been a greater pursuance of my art. With this said, all of this has been a major driving force in my most recent work, and it has fueled me to only become even more honest with myself as a person. In turn, I am moved to pass it on to others through my work in hopes to inspire them to do the same in their own lives.

How did you get started? Growing up my dad use to take us to his art studio every Saturday in downtown Holdenville, Oklahoma, population around 5,700 (last time I checked). My dad was a lawyer, but also an artist. It was interesting because this art studio (which was built originally as an office in the early 1900's) looked just like a historic New York City loft. My dad would draw in rich oil pastels, and us kids would use whatever medium we could get our hands on and go at it. Interestingly enough, that set in motion the style in art that I would adapt later, and also my love for Manhattan. Coincidentally, Manhattan played a major in my style after spending a summer there doing  an internship for Marc Jacobs. I majored in fashion design in college, and the fashion rendering classes I took, as well as working for Marc Jacobs, had an underlying influence on my hand.

What are your goals for the future? My goals for the future? In the long term I want to be painting, making music, and acting full time. Someone told me once that I'm a 'triple threat' (I think that's what they called it). I want all 3 of these things very much (and I've been involved with all 3 of these things throughout my life), and can never decided to pursue only one. These goals have been the same ever since I can remember....In the short term, I would like to start showing my work in galleries in Los Angeles, as well as make an appearance in Juxtapoz magazine.


Klair Larason - April 13th

Klair Larason

klair larason: april 13th

Klair is one of our favorite young aritsts. She attends Harding fine arts and you can guarantee if there is an art show around town she's got work in it or will be there in person to lend her support. Her works are meticulously constructed from gum wrappers and some of the most original things we've seen.

The opening will be Friday April 13th from 7-11pm during Live on the Plaza.

TEEF and DUST January 13th

teef & dust

teef & dust: january 13th

We're beginning the new year with some of our favorite local artists, Tanner Frady and Dusty Gilpin. We showed some of Tanner's work back in 2008 when we first opened the shop and have enjoyed watching his style grow. Dusty, of course, is a good friend and co-owner of Tree and Leaf clothing , our screen printers. Both have this kind of fun cartoony street character vibe complimentary to one another that people of all ages enjoy.

Over the next couple months, we will be redoing the store to create an actual gallery type space in back that will hopefully improve the flow of traffic during openings and give our artists a space they can feel free to fully customize. One day we hope to have a real gallery, but we are really excited to take that small step towards manifesting our dream. With the new gallery space we also hope to put together more group shows that welcome artists from all disciplines and styles. We've attatched a call for entries for our custom toy show this March, be sure to email us if you would like to participate for all the info. This month we are also clearancing out a lot of winter stuff like knit hats, hoodies, gloves etc...

tessa raven may 13th

tessa raven

tessa raven: may 13th

Tessa Raven is a young emerging artist whose works first caught our eye at Momentum last year. Like most of our other local artist friends, she enjoys working in non formal mediums, putting her art on accessories and other things. With a mixture of collage, painting and ink work Tessa brings a fun and somewhat distorted life to her work. Make sure to come out and show your support for this talented young female artist.

This month, we have also merchandised the front table with items from our local artists who are helping support relief work in Japan. We have special kimono lantern shirts from Ohm space and prints, bags, and jewelry by Lactose Intolerart. Velvet Monkey is having their 10 year anniversary/fashion show which undoubtedly will be spilling over into our front yard. Good times. See you then!

nick hermes april 9th 2010


nick hermes: friday april 12th

We are very excited about our featured artist this month. Nick Hermes is a highly talented painter born in Norman, Oklahoma that combines a realistic approach with imagery that is very interesting and sometimes odd.

Come out to see his work this month during LIVE on the Plaza where all the business in our district open from 7-11pm with food, drinks and family friendly entertainment. Even though Easter has passed you can bring the kiddos out by 7pm for a Plaza Easter Egg hunt! Kids can search the district high and low for eggs filled with treats, and a few Plaza District merchandise coupons for parents as well!

cole cathey march 12th 2010


cole cathey: friday march 12th

This month we are hosting the works of local artist Cole Cathey from Seminole. He works primarily with spray paint and stencil and the pieces are a little more urban than graffiti. Every business on the street is open tomorrow from 7-11pm for the Plaza walk so there will be food, drinks and family friendly entertainment.

We would also like to mention that Dylan and I are very excited about being honored with the very first annual Young Urban Pioneer award which will be presented during the Urban Pioneer Awards luncheon this spring! If you are interested in attending or sponsoring this event, you can find more information on the Plaza District website. This event is more than just a swanky lunch, it also helps the District raise money to continue to improve the district. If you are excited about the changes this area has seen in the past 12 years it would be great if you could consider a donation in any amount help our growth.