sean vali

sean vali

sean vali owl

sean vali: october 12th

Sean Vali is a hard guy to nail down for a show, but we caught him in between his travels to hang some new works in the shop. Sean likes to collaborate with other artists and is well known in the live art circuit. Just to change things up a bit, we will be collaborating on some live work with Sean out in front of the shop during his opening, more info below. The Plaza District is also teaming up with Fowler VW for a Plaza wide costume contest with Plaza gift cards as prizes! More information about other LIVE events and registration for the contest here:

As an added bonus we (Amanda & Dylan) will be collaborating with Sean on a new fresh piece. The "canvas" is the super cool and very modern new furniture creation of Larry Pickering called the Adironagami chair. It will be available for silent auction. Below is the raw steel version.

adironagami larry pickering


Sean Vali and Jason Pawley

sean vali

sean vali & jason pawley: march 9th

This month we are featuring works by Sean Vali and Jason Pawley. You have probably seen their work around town a lot. Sean does live art performances around the midwest and has collaborated with many other artists around town. He is also creator of the "OKLAHOMEGROWN" line. Jason is an artist, graphic designer and co-owner of Buffalo Totem in the Paseo. He also has his own line of apparel that features his art work that he will be setting up for the show.

Also try to make it out to Momentum OKC 2012 put on by OVAC at the OKC Farmers Market, March 9-10 8-12pm.