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may 8 // cassie stover + natalie kent

We have two female artists in the gallery for May. Cassie Stover has created a series of 8"x10" paintings inspired by animals with comedic and human qualities while adding a bit of her own humor. Natalie Kent's work is comprised of various forms of symbolism and dream imagery which is meant to spark a question in the viewer and leave the meaning behind the work up to interpretation.

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Artist Questions

Cassie Stover Lost In The City

Cassie Stover

What is your medium/process? Acrylic on canvas.Where are you from? Oklahoma City, OK

How would you describe your latest body of work?

After realizing how often I post animal photos on my Instagram, I thought to myself, why am I drawn to them and what do they all have in common?  I discerned that they were mostly comedic and took on some form of personification.  As humans, it's pretty fun to see ourselves in other creatures.  So I made a conscious effort to paint animals versus humans and insert a bit of my own humor.

In the past I have worked primarily on large scale pieces.  This time around, I decided to restrict myself to an 8x10 format, which offers up it's own challenges and rewards. Large scale paintings just have that immediate impact, the size alone draws in viewers. Yet working with the 8x10's I have found they feel more intimate, and I can be as bold with color as I please.

Overall, my work has underlying narrative qualities, but only snippets. I want to know where this monkey is going, and why is he lost in the city? Hopefully they viewer will finish the story for his or herself.  That's the fun part. Or at the very least be amused.

How did you get started? I've always been an artist, since I could hold a crayon I suppose.  I've been one of the lucky ones, with a family that encouraged and supported me from childhood to adulthood to pursue the arts.

What are your goals for the future? Stay motivated.

Natalie Kent The Sage

Natalie Kent

What is your medium/process? I work in a variety of mediums ranging from graphite pencil, pen and ink, or Prismacolor pencil to large acrylic paintings. Lately I've enjoyed focusing on small drawings and illustrations.

Where are you from? Houston, Texas, living and working in Edmond.

How would you describe your latest body of work? This latest body of my work relies heavily on symbolism and dream imagery. I enjoyed creating these pieces with a lot of unanswered questions so that- like dreams- the meaning may vary from viewer to viewer. I think one of the most powerful elements in art is the power of interpretation. Good art doesn't just give you the answer, it lets you find it on your own.

What inspires you? Dreams, metaphors, Renaissance & Surrealist art, and nature. I'd say 99% of my work usually falls in one of those categories. I bring my sketchbook everywhere I go and it's filled with notes of last night's dreams, doodles, urban sketches, ideas for future paintings... we live in an amazing world full of the most fascinating things. It's hard not to be inspired.

How did you get started? I began creating art when I was very young. Some kids would sell lemonade in the neighborhood and I would sell art for 5 cents, setting up shop on a little table at the end of my driveway and busting out one-of-a-kind Picasso-esque Crayola marker pieces. My parents were very supportive of my interest in art and enrolled me in oil painting and watercolor classes throughout middle school and high school.

What are your goals for the future? My goals for the near future are to transition into developing larger paintings. Working on a large scale is out of my comfort zone and honestly a bit intimidating for me, but as an artist I think it's imperative to challenge yourself and push your limits on a semi-regular basis to improve yourself. There's no growth in the comfort zone.

As far as long-term goals, I plan on continuing to create art and show my work in Oklahoma City.