kalee jones w-

kalee jones w.

Kalee Jones W.

august 13th // kalee jones w.

We are excited to have one of our in-store jewelry artists showing her many talents in the gallery. Kalee Jones W. brings a multidiscipline approach to her work with a focus in both sculptural stained glass and abstract style acrylic paintings. The many colors and textures seen in the glass bring inspiration for Kalee and she hopes to bring a closer connection between her sculptures and paintings as she continues to explore the two mediums.

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Join us Thursday August 13th from 6-9pm for the Artist Preview Reception the evening preceding our regularly scheduled 2nd Friday Opening the following night during Live On The Plaza.

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Artist Preview Reception: August 13th 6pm-9pm LIVE On The Plaza Opening: August 14th 7pm-11pm Exhibit Runs August 13th – September 4th

Artist Questions Where are you from? Born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma and steeped in Colorado.  I now reside and create art in OKC.

How did you get started? Five years ago, after moving back to Oklahoma, someone gave me a box of my mothers stained glass sheets.  I decided I wanted to give the art form a try. So I did and I liked it.

What inspires you? Visual delight. I am drawn to glass for its many colors and textures as well as its ability to catch and cast light.

What is your medium/process? I work with stained glass to create sculptural pieces, windows and jewelry. I am also a painter working in acrylics.

How would you describe your latest body of work? This body of work is stained glass focused.  I have incorporated various found objects by encapsulating them in stained glass vessels.

What advice do you have to artists? Create create create

What are your goals for the future? A continued exploration of both stained glass and painting, bringing the two mediums closer together.

kalee jones w. + tammy brummell

Kalee Jones W.

march 14 // kalee jones w. + tammy brummell

We are pleased to have Kalee Jones W. and Tammy Brummell’s chromatic studies on our walls in time for spring. Kalee works spontaneously to capture the present moment unfolding. Through multiple layers of color, you can see the formations of anthropomorphic beings, animals and occasional text appear and dissolve into one another. Tammy’s latest series "Prison Girls" captures various females in vintage mugshots layered on a colorfully marbled background. She transforms these women with jewelry and flowers. The juxtaposition of the background and embellishment of the females characterizes the transformation of their souls.

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Make sure to come out March 14th from 7-11pm for our opening of this show during LIVE on the Plaza.

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Tammy Brummell

Artist Info

Kaylee Jones W.

What is your medium/process? Acrylic and graphite.  I pick a color and jump in.  The composition is built up in layers of mark making and color washes.  Each choice is a deliberate move towards overall balance and rooted in focused spontaneity.

Where are you from? Born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma, steeped in Colorado.  I currently reside in OKC.

How would you describe your latest body of work? Cool and moody.  Reminiscent of landscapes and weather.

What inspires you? Star dust and creation stories.

How did you get started? Crayons and markers.

What are your goals for the future? To stay centered and open; so that my work may authentically evolve.

Tammy Brummell

What is your medium/process? My medium is digital photo montage in which I apply paper, ink and paint to a giclee print.

Where are you from? Oklahoma City

How would you describe your latest body of work? My latest body of work “Prison Girls” was inspired by arrest photos of women from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. I transformed the photos into portraits of the women, kind of reinventing them. Vibrant liquefied marble back grounds represent the transformation of the past, while the women are mirrored and adorned with jewelry and flowers as part of their outward transformation. Their souls are bursting into thin air with enamel embellishment.

What inspires you? Life, art, granddaughters, old photos, new photos, people, nature, architecture, animals, wood, rocks, science, color, light, patterns, shapes, media, fashion, movies, music, the universe.

How did you get started? I studied design and photography at Oklahoma State University and have been a graphic designer in Oklahoma City for 20 years, focusing on magazine layout and design. I later developed my technique for creating digital photo montage art.

What are your goals for the future? Work more in mixed media, do more collaboration, work with wood. Explore video, sound and projection. Achieve more exposure on the web.