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DNA Anniverskully

nov 2 // anniverskully - 5 years at dna galleries

Nov 2nd we are ECSTATIC to celebrate a crucial milestone for any business, 5 years of business! If you have followed us from the beginning, you know this all started as 300sqf of our home and grew to completely overtake the entire location at 1705B NW 16th St. In April this year we were blessed to acquire the larger space beside us and finally expand our gallery. Come celebrate with us!

Special offerings throughout the day:

  • 25 goodie bags for the first 25 customers
  • Cafe EVOKE will be offering free artisan coffee 11am-2pm
  • 10% storewide discount from 11am-12pm
  • Opening reception for group SKULL show featuring 50+ local artists goes from 7pm-11pm
  • Limited edition t-shirt for the opening (7-11pm) $15/shirt
  • Cash bar

We would not be here without the loyalty and support of our patrons. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives and reshaping downtown OKC.

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dna grand opening

DNA grand opening

may 2nd // dna galleries grand opening

One year ago, we announced our move and began a huge remodel on the former mattress factory at 1709 NW 16th st.

Come celebrate our re-opening! During the day, the gallery will be hosting a catered coffee bar from 11-3 by Cafe Evoke, 10% off all retail merchandise storewide (excludes gallery art) and 50 grab bags of merchandise for the first customers who spend $10 or more.

At 7pm, the group art exhibit will kick off with a catered bar, DJ and live art and screen printing out front. Limited edition shirts will be available only during this event. The group show will feature "drop" shapes that mimic DNA's "Support Local Art' logo. Each piece was cut out of wood salvaged from our old location and given to 30 different local artists to customize.

moving next door sale & works by jack fowler

DNA Moving Sale

march 7th - moving sale & works by jack fowler

We are finally ready to close business at our current location and relocate next door! It's been 4 years of good friends, great memories, and big growth. Please join us this Friday as we have our final 2nd Friday in 1705B, featuring small works by local artist Jack Fowler and a tons of sale merchandise in the back.

Thank you for supporting us throughout the years, we look forward to seeing you at our new location starting April 1st!

Sean Vali and Jason Pawley

sean vali

sean vali & jason pawley: march 9th

This month we are featuring works by Sean Vali and Jason Pawley. You have probably seen their work around town a lot. Sean does live art performances around the midwest and has collaborated with many other artists around town. He is also creator of the "OKLAHOMEGROWN" line. Jason is an artist, graphic designer and co-owner of Buffalo Totem in the Paseo. He also has his own line of apparel that features his art work that he will be setting up for the show.

Also try to make it out to Momentum OKC 2012 put on by OVAC at the OKC Farmers Market, March 9-10 8-12pm.

TEEF and DUST January 13th

teef & dust

teef & dust: january 13th

We're beginning the new year with some of our favorite local artists, Tanner Frady and Dusty Gilpin. We showed some of Tanner's work back in 2008 when we first opened the shop and have enjoyed watching his style grow. Dusty, of course, is a good friend and co-owner of Tree and Leaf clothing , our screen printers. Both have this kind of fun cartoony street character vibe complimentary to one another that people of all ages enjoy.

Over the next couple months, we will be redoing the store to create an actual gallery type space in back that will hopefully improve the flow of traffic during openings and give our artists a space they can feel free to fully customize. One day we hope to have a real gallery, but we are really excited to take that small step towards manifesting our dream. With the new gallery space we also hope to put together more group shows that welcome artists from all disciplines and styles. We've attatched a call for entries for our custom toy show this March, be sure to email us if you would like to participate for all the info. This month we are also clearancing out a lot of winter stuff like knit hats, hoodies, gloves etc...

josh heilaman october 14th

josh heilaman

josh heilaman: october 14th

We are ecstatic to show one of our favorite artists and good friends! Josh Heilaman is known for his fantastical asian inspired characters and colorful furry creatures. His newest series includes some mixed media 3 dimensional reconstructions modeled from his paintings. We will also have handmade costumes from 3 of our local designers Shift 7, Borderline Designs, and Lumpy Bits. Stay tuned for our next post about our 3 year anniversary group show!

mizzo: september 9th


mizzo: september 9th

We are so excited for the opportunity to host works by Switwerland based artist and designer Mizzo (real name Myriam Gamperli). Mizzo is an urban artist who has worked in fine  art and also as an independent designer for Volcom, Carhartt, Gravis, Diesel and many others. Her works is an animated mixture of art and design. You can see more at mizzo.ch. This is one show we have been looking forward to all year!

Dylan is also having show across the street at gallery 1614 at the same time during the Plaza walk. They will all be brand new works on paper!

tiffany edwards august 2011

tiffany edwards

tiffany edwards: august 12th

Tiffany Edwards is a local artist inspired by mythology, nature and the universe. Her paintings are vibrantly colorful and portray surrealist portraits and landscapes that communicate the energy she sees in the world around her. We are lucky to have snatched her away from her busy school schedule for this month's art walk.

We asked Tiff to answer a few questions about her work, click the more link below to read the full Q&A.

How would you describe your work?

I use the process of painting as a therapeutic and mindful tool, as well as an alchemical process allowing me to express and share my energy with the world. The process for me is equally as important as the product. “The Boop Collection” is an ongoing explorative series consisting of both experimental and refined pieces created by myself. The pieces consist of mystical and surreal themed portraits and landscapes, along with a wide variety of subject matter.

What inspires you?

Inspiration for my creations is abundant and free flowing, ranging from all things internal to external, of this world and the ether. More specifically I am inspired by ancient mythology, loved ones who have passed, landscapes, plants, bugs, the human form and animals. Primarily, the vibrations I feel and see within myself and in the world reflect what I cannot share verbally with the world by means of line, shape, and color.

How did you get started?

I believe I have my mother to thank for this one. She always supplied me with a multitude of art supplies when I was younger. After 8th grade I stopped creating and stuck to doing random doodles in sketchbooks. I really started painting around the time I took my first drawing class at UCO spring of 2009. I was truly inspired after I had my first painting assignment in this class. Our assignment was to paint with India ink using a twig as our paintbrush. Shortly after this exploration into India ink I started working with acrylics, then with mixed media, and last fall with oils. The Japanese artwork I saw at my grandparents’ house growing up left quite the impression on me. This can be seen in the earlier works I did. They were primarily space Geisha themed.

What are your goals for the future?

I will continue experimenting with three-dimensional and textural qualities, along with incorporating found objects into my works. I have begun manifestation paintings and plan on starting a children’s book series. I will be working with stone and wire more frequently, as well. I am pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education, and my goal is to give children tools to channel their creativity and heal through their art. I will be teaching in urban schools after I graduate in fall 2012.

My artistic adventures within the next decade include traveling worldwide photographing, drawing, and painting landscapes and the people from various cultures using these as reference and inspiration for large-scale murals in the States. Towards the end of my life I would like to sculpt large-scale geisha and create ukiyo-e on silk in Japan. I am not attached to a specific future. I would like to leave room for the Infinite to co-create with me.

www.flickr.com/photos/tiffany_edwards/collections tnachelle_edwards@yahoo.com

moses white july 8th

moses white: july 8th

This month begins our kickoff of a monthly featured maker. We usually re-merchandise our front area for new stuff, but everyone in our store is an artist and we want to give everyone a chance for exposure and an opportunity to make our front area an Installation of sorts.

"Altar L" is an Okie/TX jewelry collaboration of natural rocks and minerals, with pendant symbols. You can wear them for their healing properties or just pure aesthetics.

Our visual artist this month is local artist Moses White. Moses describes his work as "Energetic, Visceral, Introspective. Comic book art makes love to contemporary art." He is inpired by works that give off energy where you can see the passion of the artist in the piece. You can tell by looking at his work, these ideas are below the surface. Personally, we've enjoyed the portraits he's done of random people around town that have popped up on social media sites in the past. Like all of us, Moses just wants to make a living doing what he loves. His group "Noise of the Nameless" will also be playing out front Friday night during the opening.

nic shelton friday january 8th 2010


nic shelton - friday january 8th

To start off the year we are featuring an emerging Oklahoma artist Nic Shelton. With artwork covered in colorful and creative imagery,  this is sure to be a fun time. It might be cold out so bundle up, or come by and get yourself a new Support Local Art Scarf to keep warm. Oh and be sure to come out to actually support some local art :)

One more thing, we are also now carrying a wide selection of urban art books.

anthony myers friday december 11th 2009


anthony myers - friday december 11th

This month we will be hosting Oklahoma native, now Arkansas resident, Anthony Meyers. Each individual work in this show is displayed beautiful ornate dark wood frame, also created by the artist. This series is a part of Anthony's recent zine "The Death of Charlie" which will also be for sale the night of the exhibit. This is the first show he has had in Oklahoma for more than 5 years. It doesnt come around here often folks, so dont miss it!

See more of his work at: thehumanlist.com

longboard deck show


longboard deck show - friday october 23rd 7-11pm

It's been a year and we're still here! This in itself is cause to celebrate, but we decided to go all out and make it a part of our longboard deck show that's been in the works for the past 8 months. We have given decks to a variety of local artists to customize. In case you aren't familiar with longboards, these aren't regular skateboard decks they measure roughly 3' in length and ride a lot like a surfboard would on cement. We will have DNA shirts, freebies, beer and wine available for this one night reception! Find us on the map here. Customized decks by local artists: Cassie Stover, Ashley Smith, Josh Reynolds, Shawn Vali, Sara Atlee, Josh Heilaman, Bombs Away, Brandi Downham, Kris Kanaly, Fernando Cassias, Jason Pawley, Matty Lynch, Shawn Winfield, Tanner Frady, Stephanie Evans, Michael Combs, Dusty Gilpin, Eric Lyons and Brooke Rowland

Josh Heilaman April 10th 2009


friday april 10th, 2009 - josh heilaman w/ dj garistotle 

This is going to be a great show and one of our biggest this year! DNA will be hosting the work of one of our favorite artists and close friend, Josh Heilaman. The opening will be from 7-11pm and  feature the funky musical stylings of DJ Garistotle along with a limited edition tshirt release.

We will also have new prints by resident artist Dylan Bradway. All proceeds from the purchase of these prints will go to raise money for his trip to Germany in September. He he has been invited to have a solo exhibit at Nice/Nice in Hannover, Germany, but he needs your help to get there.