amanda bradway

august 2013

a vivid paradox

august 9 // a vivid paradox // amanda bradway + juuri

For August DNA Galleries presents A Vivid Paradox, this exhibit features a new body of work by local artists JUURI and Amanda Bradway. The artists have created an exhibit of enchantingly prismatic works including collaborative pieces specifically for the opening. This show is entitled 'A Vivid Paradox' due to the vibrant spectrum of colors that both artists utilize. The paradox is apparent through Amanda’s work with skulls and JUURIi’s somber, sad looking female subjects. Expect the color in which both JUURI’s girls and Amanda's skulls are wrapped to bring them all vividly to life. These works will be on display until Friday August 30. Check out and RSVP to the Facebook Event here.

About JUURI & Amanda Bradway Japanese-American artist JUURI, creates colorful female figures using watercolor and colored pencil. JUURIi about this latest series: "Several of my works in this show will present opposing questions, such as 'Trash or Treasure?' 'Rotten or Redeemed?' 'Weak or Strong?' I wanted to capture both the turmoil and the beauty of finding the answers to all those questions about yourself. The style of these works is a little more stark than my previous work. I wanted to draw maximum impact to the figures and their questions this time, instead of the backgrounds. Several of the pieces feature gilded Japanese calligraphy. Ask me what they mean, and I'll teach you a little Japanese!"

Amanda Bradway, and owner at DNA Galleries, creates works with intricately cut and folded paper in a variety of colors and sheens. Combining these elements with skulls, she recreates elements of nature and reconstructs unworldly beings. Each piece in this new series draws on personal perspectives of the dichotomy of struggle versus surrender in a world where many truths operate simultaneously. These works ask the viewer to consider how we can all live with respect and awareness for others without sacrificing our own truth.

sean vali

sean vali owl

sean vali: october 12th

Sean Vali is a hard guy to nail down for a show, but we caught him in between his travels to hang some new works in the shop. Sean likes to collaborate with other artists and is well known in the live art circuit. Just to change things up a bit, we will be collaborating on some live work with Sean out in front of the shop during his opening, more info below. The Plaza District is also teaming up with Fowler VW for a Plaza wide costume contest with Plaza gift cards as prizes! More information about other LIVE events and registration for the contest here:

As an added bonus we (Amanda & Dylan) will be collaborating with Sean on a new fresh piece. The "canvas" is the super cool and very modern new furniture creation of Larry Pickering called the Adironagami chair. It will be available for silent auction. Below is the raw steel version.

adironagami larry pickering


longboard deck show


longboard deck show - friday october 23rd 7-11pm

It's been a year and we're still here! This in itself is cause to celebrate, but we decided to go all out and make it a part of our longboard deck show that's been in the works for the past 8 months. We have given decks to a variety of local artists to customize. In case you aren't familiar with longboards, these aren't regular skateboard decks they measure roughly 3' in length and ride a lot like a surfboard would on cement. We will have DNA shirts, freebies, beer and wine available for this one night reception! Find us on the map here. Customized decks by local artists: Cassie Stover, Ashley Smith, Josh Reynolds, Shawn Vali, Sara Atlee, Josh Heilaman, Bombs Away, Brandi Downham, Kris Kanaly, Fernando Cassias, Jason Pawley, Matty Lynch, Shawn Winfield, Tanner Frady, Stephanie Evans, Michael Combs, Dusty Gilpin, Eric Lyons and Brooke Rowland