may 12 // lindsay harkness, steffanie halley + jeremie infelise

Lindsay Harkness

Lindsay Harkness is an Oklahoma photographer who works in mixed media to achieve her aesthetic. Her latest body of work is an animal series that she has been working on for a couple of years, and is an ongoing project. Lindsay describes this project as her happy place. Doing something that no one else can do the exact same way, and creating something that puts a smile on someone's face inspires her.

Steffanie Halley is a photographer currently residing in Oklahoma. Her imagery as a whole is an observation bearing whitness to life; her own and others. Intrigued by the indulgence of our imaginations as well as physical surroundings, and the relationships that coexist in both worlds. Steffanie's work represents fleeting moments of calmness and quiet intensity and the vulnerability of our imaginations and memories.

Jeremie Infelise

Jeremie Infelise is a photographer from California. His latest body of work he describes as the visual translations of the moment. He seeks to find truth in a place that clings to smoke and mirrors. Summer trips with his grandmother as a child planted the seed of an urge to see everything he could and the importance of documenting it to relive those moments.

ARTIST RECEPTION Thursday, May 12th // 6-9pm
LIVE ON THE PLAZA Friday, May 13th // 7-11pm
Exhibit runs May 12th - June 5th