Dylan Bradway

Dylan Bradway

september 10 // dylan bradway

Keeping it close to home for September, we have new works in the gallery by our very own Dylan Bradway. Vibrant colors bring playful energy to his new paintings while intriguing images build the sense of a deeper story. Many of the works are inspired by a recent sketchbook that draws upon scenarios in his life including "the experiences of the past and present...whether inspiring or traumatic."

We will also be releasing a limited run of full color shirts and pencil bags with Dylan's new work during the artist preview reception on Thursday Sept 10th from 6-9pm.

Read more about the artist below.

Join us Thursday September 10th from 6-9pm for the Artist Preview Reception the evening preceding our regularly scheduled 2nd Friday Opening the following night during Live On The Plaza.

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Artist Preview Reception: September 10th // 6pm-9pm LIVE On The Plaza Opening: September 11th // 7pm-11pm Plaza District Festival: September 26th // 11am-10pm Exhibit Runs September 10th – October 5th

Artist Questions Where are you from? Born in Oklahoma City and call it my home today.

How did you get started? Growing up in a creative environment, my focus on visual arts started solidifying towards the end of high school. During college I pursued a degree in Graphic Design with my art serving as more of a personal outlet. Since 2006 I've been building on my artistic career with strong involvement in the local art scene while developing connections outside of the state.

What inspires you? Life, dreams, faces, friends/family, along with my beautiful and talented wife. The experiences of the past and present are influential whether inspiring or traumatic. These influences present themselves in my art, sometimes without conscious intention which can allow myself and others to interpret their meaning.

What is your medium/process? Lately I've been working mainly on wood panels using acrylics and inks, with the subtle embellishments of colored pencil, graphite and spray paint. Usually starting with a loose sketch, I build up layers with washes of color, then focus on finishing the piece with precise line-work. The concepts usually take shape during the sketching process without much planning and I hardly ever use specific reference material which allows for a more fluid thought process.

How would you describe your latest body of work? I've been working within a vibrant color palette to not only break from old habits but to have fun and see what comes from it as I move forward. Many of the pieces are based on sketches I've been compiling over the past year or so, during a time of inner focus and growth for me. The images seem to flow freely as I let my mind relax and allow myself the space to create.

What advice do you have to artists? Keep your mind open, keep growing, experience life and make some art.

What are your goals for the future? Push myself to create more art on a regular basis, with or without a specific project to work towards. Be involved in more public art, which has become a passion of mine. I also want to travel as much as I can, even if it's just a day trip somewhere close by.