meet your maker // the little bubble

The Little Bubble

meet your maker // the little bubble

Our May Meet Your Maker is the one and only Bella Corrente of "The Little Bubble" -  Bella is the brain behind the fun and magic that is put into each and every bar of soap she makes.  She is 11 years old this year and she started making soaps at 9 years old.  Since that time, her business has grown tremendously.  Bella and her mother, Tawyna, set up at H&8th, Industry Flea, Deluxe Winter Market and stay busy in between shows with her booming Etsy shop.  All the while, they keep our store stocked with tons of smell goods.  People often pop in the door and ask "Where are the Little Bubble soaps?"  We are pleased to share a little bit more about Bella with you.  She is an inspiration to all around her. We are so proud of you, girl!! Keep doing your thing.

The Little Bubble

Meet Your Maker Questionnaire

Bella Corrente // The Little Bubble

What is your process? I find the fragrance I like first then I think about colors & designs... next I have to decide on the ingedients, everything is made with different stuff.

Where are you from? Oklahoma City

What inspires you? Sometimes I can watch a movie or hear a song and know that I want to make a soap that goes with that! Or I can see a fabric or pattern that I like...

How did you get started? I started making soap and scrubs as a homeschool project! It helped me learn about fractions and measuring, & science! And I just loved doing so I kept making!

How old were you when you started selling your handmade items locally? I sold my soap when I was 9 at Wiggle Out Loud

What are your goals for the future? I want to be a photographer or work for Vogue and I want to have my own soap shop.

How much time a week do you spend with your craft? I spend about 3 hours a day filling orders and making stuff.

Any advice for other crafters or those looking to become makers in the future? First you have to have guts... and not be afraid of other people and putting your stuff out there.  And you need to learn as much as you can about your craft... research a lot.  What ever you want to make or do just try it! Because you won't know if you like it or good at it if you don't try!

What do you do in your spare time? I love to sculpt! I make polymer clay donuts, & ice cream cones and other food things for jewlery! & I like to draw food with funny faces

What music are you currently listening to? I love Welcome Little Stranger & David Bowie... and Mumford and Sons and Johnny Cash... but I listen to lots of other stuff too! I love my record player!

The Little Bubble