meet your maker // lindsay harkness

OKC Lindsay Harkness

meet your maker // lindsay harkness

April's Meet Your Maker is local photographer Lindsay Harkness.  Lindsay is a lifelong resident of OKC.  She is incredibly passionate about Oklahoma and capturing the history of our state and changes to local buildings.  Lindsay says "The nostalgia of my images often overwhelms people as they reminiscence about favorite memories.  It makes me happy to know i have captured images that are sentimental to my fellow Oklahomans."

PlazaDistrict - Lindsay Harkness

Meet Your Maker Questionnaire

What is your process? I am a photographer. I use a process of sandpaper, paint, glue and water on my photographs to achieve my aesthetic.

Where are you from? I am born and raised in Oklahoma. I graduated from Edmond Santa Fe in 2000 and The University of Oklahoma School of Art in 2004.

What inspires you? Doing something that no one else can do the exact same way inspires me. Creating something that puts a smile on someone's face inspires me.  I got my start on my Oklahoma Landmark Series with a challenge from an out of stater. He claimed there was nothing special about Oklahoma, nothing that we should be proud of.  He was just a customer, but his one off the cuff statement challenged me to prove him wrong, and I feel pretty confident that I'm doing a good job!

How did you get started? My parents gave me a camera for my high school graduation gift. Going into college I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew I loved my high school photography classes and I had a new camera....Art school here I come. As for my mixed media process it has been a long line of mistakes that I had to find solutions for. I've have found that a mistake is often times the universe telling you to look or approach the original concept differently.  So many good things have come from me saying, "Oh shit, what do I do now", that I embrace the challenge to think different.

How old were you when you started selling your handmade items locally? 2004ish....I can't remember if I sold stuff at the original Blue 7 and then made it into the second Girlie Show, or if because I was in The Girlie Show I was chosen to sell stuff at Blue 7. Either way let's say 22.

What are your goals for the future? A dream come true would be :  I would have a studio with a dark room.  My photographs would be in such high demand that I would never run out of work or money.  For reality purposes I would love to continue my photographic journey of my Oklahoma Landmark Series and expand beyond just the OKC metro area.  And if I play my cards right pick up the title of Oklahoma Souvenir Connoisseur.

How much time a week do you spend with your craft? That varies on my other job.  I am photo assistant as well and travel with a photographer all over the country.  Each week is different and more often then not I take my supplies with me on the road and work in hotel rooms.  Any free time I have I am sanding away.

Any advice for other crafters or those looking to become makers in the future? I would say make sure you love doing what you do.  Chances are especially at the beginning you will have to work another job to support your craft.  There's never a day off, you will always feel like you should be doing something, and most of your money you make will have to go back into your business. All that said you are your own boss, if you want to work until 3am and wake up at noon you can.  Making stuff and seeing others enjoy it is an amazing feeling. I've been working on this Oklahoma Landmark Series for almost 10 years now and I still never tire from hearing stories of what the buildings mean to them, or how excited they are to send one of the images to a loved one who no longer lives here.

What do you do in your spare time? What is spare time?  Just kidding....when I do finally decide to take a break I love being with my friends.

What is your favorite place to grab a coffee? I'm not really a coffee drinker, but I do love a good patio and a glass of wine.

What music currently inspires you? Music..hmmm I have a mix on my pandora that ranges from the 60's, 70's, & 80's to Enya to Warren G. I'm not too picky but I do know that heavy metal makes my brain and body shut down.