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mark gilmore

november 8th // mark gilmore, dennis murphy & neal robinson

For our 3rd show in 2 months we are excited to have a group of 3 artists who play with a contemporary vein of psychedelic influence.

Mark Gilmore is a long time Oklahoma City resident with a masters quality to his fantasy/surreal oil paintings. More information on the artist below.

Noble Oklahoma based artist and organic farmer Dennis Murphy brings an intense focus and vibrancy through his large studies of geometric patterns with a day-glo palette.

dennis murphy

Neal Robinson uses a mix of mediums to develop compositions which bring together line, shape and color. More information on the artist below.

neal robinson

artist questions

Mark Gilmore

What is your medium? Pigments with varnish on canvas or panel

Where are you from? My adult life has been in Oklahoma City

How would you describe your latest body of work? In reevaluating my motives for painting after a long hiatus, I wanted to find touchstones from the images & colors that drove my imagination and my earliest efforts at being a professional artist.

Expressing my own creativity during a time of social, musical & chemical experimentation, felt like the opening of the vast frontier to Lewis & Clark. The command was to go and see, to explore and report back what you find.

That concept still rings true for me.

What inspires you? Freedom, kittens, a child's laughter, and the Hellbound train carrying each of us to our certain death.

How did you get started? Painting signs for beer & pizza at a local juke joint.

What are your goals for the future? Paint and make things until I die.

Neal Robinson

What is your medium? I work in a variety of mediums.  Pen and Ink, acrylic, water color, screen printing and collage techniques.

Where are you from? Oklahoma City

How would you describe your latest body of work? My latest body of work is trying to find the balance between line, shape and color.  I try to create an organized chaos with my line work while still maintaining a fluidness that your eye can follow without being overwhelmed. Along with the color I also try and incorporate monochrome color and collage techniques that also work with the line work to create an overall harmony.

What inspires you? Architecture inspires me the most.  We are surrounded everyday by your basic shapes that make up the world we live in.  Squares, triangles, circles make up the fundamentals of our cities skeletal structure. So it’s almost necessary for me to try and show these basic shapes to the viewer in a new and visually exciting way.

How did you get started? I started early on as a compulsive doodler and just grew from that like most artists.  Even at an early age I’ve been interested in finding the infinite possibilities you can do with just a simple straight line, the most basic of marks.

What are your goals for the future? I plan to continue to explore line, color and perspective.  I really think the next step in my process is work more on an ambitious scale.  I hope to incorporate my art into wall murals in the near future.