Conrad Crespin & Sean Lyman

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july 12th // conrad crespin + sean lyman

For July we are excited to be featuring two national artists Conrad Crespin and Sean Lyman. Conrad is a resident of Portland, OR and has created a body of work which focuses on his interest in line, form and pattern with a very minimal color palette. In contrast Sean, who resides in Springfield, MO, explores the concept of masks as a transforming element on individuals in his realistic but dreamlike drawings. You can check out the Facebook event here. More information about the artists in the questionnaire section below.

Keep an eye out for our collaborative group art show with B-wap coming Sunday August 4th, featuring 25 local artists.

questions for conrad crespin

How would you describe your work? The work in this show explores my interest in pattern, form, and space. These pieces were originally inspired by fractals. With this work, I usually start with a basic form and build intuitively from that. I am extremely interest in process and how process informs or relates to the final visual outcome. As the artist, the process is just as important to me as the physical work.

What inspires you? So much inspires me, especially people. There are a lot of artists living today that are producing just spectacular work. I am especially inspired by those around me and the way in which others interpret the world. I think we all have little kernels of truth to share. Music is a huge inspiration as well.

My biggest inspiration is most definitely nature. There is so much beauty, mystery, and absurdity in the universe and that makes me happy.

How did you get started? I got started like most artsy kids with encouraging parents and an interest in making things. I was fortunate to meet certain people throughout my life who were there for me at pivotal times and encouraged artistic exploration.

Nowadays, it isn’t even a question. Why not make art?

What are your goals for the future? I am currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Design and building a career in the art/design realm. I really want to build something unique that contributes to the community and keeps me artistically, professionally, and financially satisfied. I know that is a tall order. But I am realistic about a lot of things and ultimately my needs are simple.

I want to keep making things until the day I die.  I want to collaborate. I want to grow and explore. I want to fall in love. I want a root beer float.