instinctive turns jess and keegan

The Distant One By Jess and Keegan

may 10th // instinctive turns // jess & keegan

This Friday we are pleased to bring you a brand new series of works by local artists Jessica Beethe and Keegan O'Keefe. This collaborative duo has been world traveling for the past 5 years and we are ecstatic to have nailed them down for a show. Jess and Keegan will have 13 brand new pieces of art on display along with a raffle for 3, $200 limited-edition giclée Prints. Tickets for the raffle will be $5 and winners will be announced at 10pm the night of the event. You can preview 9 of the New works from their online gallery and learn more about the artists below...

The Infinite Push by Jess and Keegan

Artist Bio

Visual expression has been a part of our lives from a very young age. We both drew, collaged, sculpted and created things throughout our childhood and those habits have continued into our adult lives.

When the two of us first met, we began trading pieces and working over top of what the other was doing. This process began to slowly transform the way we saw and produced our work and began driving us to create more. As Our exchange continued and we found that when working together we produced better results than either of us was doing working alone.

Now, as a collaborative entity, we take turns swapping pieces and working over each other's additions to develop our style as a single entity. Our work is like a spontaneous dance - a fluid non-thinkingness. We accept and release with little to no planning. Our conclusions are always organic and unforced.

Our travels have taken us to all corners of the USA, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.

At some point, we both graduated and aquired multi-diciplenary BFA's in Graphic Design, Illustration and Painting.

Currently, we live and work out of our studio in Oklahoma City, OK, USA.

-Jess M. Beethe & Keegan D. O'Keefe


Artistic Statement

For us, it is undeniable that human life is a collective effort of many parts and a vast sum of time, energy and connections.

Our work, however, is not about us, our ideals or our beliefs but is an assimilation and redistribution of the world and what it has to offer.

Using this idea, we combine our time and energy to craft original works on paper that directly reflect our surrounding environment and its cultural influences.

This art making process helps us fully appreciate where we are and what we are doing; ultimately giving us a tangible dialog with which to see the multifaceted ways our lives are connected to so much more than just ourselves.


Empty Pride By Jess and Keegan

How would you describe your work?

Tangible experience, captured action; Our work is a conversation between ourselves and the world we are surrounded by. In fewer words - it's filling time. (See also ARTISTIC STATEMENT below)

What inspires you?

New experiences, travel, humor, other artists & their art, conversations, clouds, rain on tin roofs, debate, animals, independent films, music, good food, sailing, scuba diving, adrenalin, running, yoga, coffee, flyers, flowers, magazines, thunder storms, old books, etchings and old illustrations, creeping vines, 1920's, 1800's, samurai, 1950's, 1980's, big hair, sunny window seats, short skirts, the internet, dry wit, social networks, octopi, great stories, skulls - particularly orbital bones and teeth, new drinks & dark beer, theology, philosophy, organization, minimization, bonsai trees, feng shui, karma, tides, chi, sharing, other languages & cultures, outer space, satire, nebulae, black holes, quantum foam jitters, construction, empty buildings, faded colors, abandoned cars, truth, moist dirt, baby grass, cities, public transit, crushed glass, road trips, using chopsticks, dreams, sentinel pine trees, staying up late, hieroglyphs, calligraphy, graffiti, art history, archeology, psychology, finding forgotten money in a pocket, anthropology, bridges, nowhere country, mountains, rivers, kayaking, mythology, rock climbing, friends, family & our ability to act - just to name a few :)

How did you get started?

I ate a crayon when I was 6 months old while Jess started drawing before she could walk. There was no other way to start, really, it's just what was supposed to happen. (See also BIO below)

What are your goals for the future?

Make make make, Do do do. Explore, travel, love, befriend, show show show.