jason pawley with john young feb 8th

Jason Pawley

february 8th - jason pawley

Friday February 8th we are so excited to share the works of Jason Pawley (your favorite Mule bartender and owner of Pines Primitive clothing) along with John Young, an emerging local artist.

Jason has been refining his signature style with bright layers of color and bold brush techniques. Pawley creates a brightness and depth which is true eye candy for the viewer. If you look closely, there are small hidden concepts and drawings enmeshed in most of his work that become part of the larger piece.

Jason Pawley

John Young is more of a new-comer on our radar. His work has a rough sketchbook quality to it. His recent series "Doodling & Noodling: biomorphic abstractions from the right side" requires you to engage up close to see the detail unfold.

We are also gearing up for Valentines Day in the shop with lots of new handmade apparel, gifts and accessories. All of our gifts for this holiday are made locally with love so give with meaning and Support your local artists!

John Young