TEEF and DUST January 13th

teef & dust

teef & dust: january 13th

We're beginning the new year with some of our favorite local artists, Tanner Frady and Dusty Gilpin. We showed some of Tanner's work back in 2008 when we first opened the shop and have enjoyed watching his style grow. Dusty, of course, is a good friend and co-owner of Tree and Leaf clothing , our screen printers. Both have this kind of fun cartoony street character vibe complimentary to one another that people of all ages enjoy.

Over the next couple months, we will be redoing the store to create an actual gallery type space in back that will hopefully improve the flow of traffic during openings and give our artists a space they can feel free to fully customize. One day we hope to have a real gallery, but we are really excited to take that small step towards manifesting our dream. With the new gallery space we also hope to put together more group shows that welcome artists from all disciplines and styles. We've attatched a call for entries for our custom toy show this March, be sure to email us if you would like to participate for all the info. This month we are also clearancing out a lot of winter stuff like knit hats, hoodies, gloves etc...