Kalee Jones W

Kalee Jones W

kalee jones w: december 9th

It's Christmas at DNA! Starting this weekend we will be open 7 days a week (Sunday 1-5) and offer a special weekend discount on a featured item from now until Xmas. Kalee Jones is our next 2nd Friady artist. Her lastest body created especially for the show entitled,"The Gentle Hunt", is a series of colorful ethereal animals and a glass ornament installation. You can Learn more about Kalee's work in her interview below.

This month's featured vendor is Laurie Ingalls, creator of Lumpy Bits! You may have come in the store and done a double take upon seeing her creepy cute creations scowling, smiling crookedly or spitting their toungue out at you. We are totally in love with her work and she's making us a bunch for 2nd Friday!

How would you describe your work? Colorful.  Spontaneous.  Energetic.  Busy. This current series is more narrative than any other body of work I've done. The characters are suspended in a continuum of primordial color that has been stirred up by some sort of "happening."  They look onward to an inevitable yet uncertain future.  A strange sense of sadness and uncomfortable wonder is present as these beings muster up the necessary strength of will to move forward.

What inspires you? Being alive.  To be human on earth in this body and mind is a decadent experience.  I know that what comes out during my creative process is somehow a distillation of everything perceptual I have collected in this lifetime and possibly beyond.  The sky.  I have an endless reservoir of awe for the sky.  It is my visual playground.  It is the magnificent container that holds us all.

How did you get started? Early on.  My mother was an artist who excelled in stained glass.  I believe this is where my extreme love of color was first fostered.  She allowed me to continually express myself through the arts.  It became the number one part of my identity I held tight to; Artist.  It was in my last year of college (2007) that I began painting in a serious way.

What are your goals for the future? Future goals as an artist include but are not limited to a proliferation of paintings (as the only way to evolve is practice,) sharing these paintings with the world, expanding my repertoire to include installation and movement art, and possibly grad school to equip myself with deeper knowledge and leadership skills to emerge as a teacher or pioneer.  Both "teacher" and "pioneer" are undefined in nature at this point.