november 11th april and johnny delucia

april and johnny delucia

april & johnny delucia: november 11th

This Friday we are showing a new body of collaborative and complementary works by local artists Johnny and April Delucia. These two are gifted in expressing themselves with words and visual art while working together and individually on their passions. We asked them a few questions to get to know more about their process and what inspires these two to make creation a part of their lives and relationship:

How would you describe your work? Johnny- "Heavy on the abstraction, less on the expression. I use music & poetry for expressing and confessing, while painting is my release from the deep stuff. Purely aesthetic for art's sake. If the paintings were to say something, they would talk about asymmetry, balance, value, weight…you know, the elements." April- "Playful, Strange, Bright, Brooding, Heavy, Lazy, Loud... Eclectic! A mismatched mess of much."

What/Who inspires you? April- "Johnny inspires a great deal out of me, often.
I additionally seem to get rather motivated to create when I'm watching my Buster Keaton. Sometimes, listening to new wave. Other times, watching old cartoons does it...but I can not say for sure why." Johnny- "The two things that inspire me to paint are the same two things that inspire me to suck air every day:
The Original Source/Jehovah/God, & my wife April. In them, I have found every good thing. Everything I need."

How did you get started? April- "I got into things as a kid, did things I wasn't supposed to. Overall, I wasn't very good for awhile there... As opposed to punishment, my rents bought me some crafts & a journal. I went from breaking things to making things. I fashioned little knick-knacks & trinkets, then went on to writing poetry & short stories...& finally did my 1st painting at 15, with discarded house paint & old box lids."

Johnny- "I've always painted but didn't really know how or why until college, so I'll say it started there."

What are your goals for the future? April- "Primarily, to be happy & healthy, rich in love & warmth, surrounded by family & friends...& our collected accomplishments in art & poetics, with as much drive as we have at this very moment..& more so." Johnny- "To reach people...a lot of them. Particularly those who are desperate or hungry. I've been there. More importantly, I'm no longer there. I'm on the other side of living, with a map & a megaphone. I have a moral obligation to tell others...and I hope they benefit from my story.
Fine, I'll just say it... My goal is to change the world. Yours should be too."

You can see Johnny and April's work through the end of the month.

We will also have a special sale in store on select shirts and accessories to make room for holiday stuff. Knit hats, scarves and gloves are all out and we are ready for Fall!