moses white july 8th

moses white: july 8th

This month begins our kickoff of a monthly featured maker. We usually re-merchandise our front area for new stuff, but everyone in our store is an artist and we want to give everyone a chance for exposure and an opportunity to make our front area an Installation of sorts.

"Altar L" is an Okie/TX jewelry collaboration of natural rocks and minerals, with pendant symbols. You can wear them for their healing properties or just pure aesthetics.

Our visual artist this month is local artist Moses White. Moses describes his work as "Energetic, Visceral, Introspective. Comic book art makes love to contemporary art." He is inpired by works that give off energy where you can see the passion of the artist in the piece. You can tell by looking at his work, these ideas are below the surface. Personally, we've enjoyed the portraits he's done of random people around town that have popped up on social media sites in the past. Like all of us, Moses just wants to make a living doing what he loves. His group "Noise of the Nameless" will also be playing out front Friday night during the opening.