fannys back 2 fanny pack fashion show

Fannys Back 2

fannys back 2 - return of the fanny pack fashion show: june 10th

It's back! Fanny pack fashion show pt. 2 and this year we have invited local artists to participate in making or reconstructing their own. We have about 15 artists plus a variety of ridiculous hand picked pieces to choose from in addition. Balthazaar will be emceeing the runway show which will start at 8pm. Don't be late we will be making history and setting the bar for original fanny adornment in the midwest.

In store, we have 2 new handmade designers Borderline Designs and Shift 7 Collective so we have brought most of our handmade clothing from the back to pay tribute to all the original incredible designers we have in store who sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Dylan Bradway and myself (Amanda Bradway) are working on some simple sketches that we hope to have framed and ready on friday see you then!