tessa raven may 13th

tessa raven

tessa raven: may 13th

Tessa Raven is a young emerging artist whose works first caught our eye at Momentum last year. Like most of our other local artist friends, she enjoys working in non formal mediums, putting her art on accessories and other things. With a mixture of collage, painting and ink work Tessa brings a fun and somewhat distorted life to her work. Make sure to come out and show your support for this talented young female artist.

This month, we have also merchandised the front table with items from our local artists who are helping support relief work in Japan. We have special kimono lantern shirts from Ohm space and prints, bags, and jewelry by Lactose Intolerart. Velvet Monkey is having their 10 year anniversary/fashion show which undoubtedly will be spilling over into our front yard. Good times. See you then!