sebastian otto september 2010


sebastian otto: friday september 10th

For September we are privileged to show the works of  Sebastian Otto in his first ever US solo exhibit. Sebastian resides in Hannover / Lower Saxony, Germany. We met him while visiting Germany for Dylan's show at Nice/Nice Exhibition Space where Sebastian is a co-owner. His work is filled with child-like characters with solemn expressions and exaggerated features that are serene and enchanting.

This is our very first international artist and we are working with a few more for our 2011 calendar. Our hope is to network with artists around the world so we can bring awareness to Oklahoma City as a legitimate community for urban contemporary arts and build relationships that will help local artists gain international exposure. With that said, you should come out and support some international art so we can continue to build these relationships. This has been a great year so far, and we thank our community for their continual support of our store and the Plaza District.