longboard deck show


longboard deck show - friday october 23rd 7-11pm

It's been a year and we're still here! This in itself is cause to celebrate, but we decided to go all out and make it a part of our longboard deck show that's been in the works for the past 8 months. We have given decks to a variety of local artists to customize. In case you aren't familiar with longboards, these aren't regular skateboard decks they measure roughly 3' in length and ride a lot like a surfboard would on cement. We will have DNA shirts, freebies, beer and wine available for this one night reception! Find us on the map here. Customized decks by local artists: Cassie Stover, Ashley Smith, Josh Reynolds, Shawn Vali, Sara Atlee, Josh Heilaman, Bombs Away, Brandi Downham, Kris Kanaly, Fernando Cassias, Jason Pawley, Matty Lynch, Shawn Winfield, Tanner Frady, Stephanie Evans, Michael Combs, Dusty Gilpin, Eric Lyons and Brooke Rowland