Caleb Jacks - October 9th 2009


caleb jacks - friday october 9th

This month is crazy busy and very special for us! Starting with the annual Plaza District Festival Oct. 3, 3-11 PM, the district will host local artists, bands, and performers throughout the day and we will be having a HUGE sale which will most likely spill out onto the sidewalk. Next is our monthly exhibit and we are very proud to host Caleb Jacks from Texas. His illustrations are humorous, intricate and lighthearted and personally, we cant wait to pick out our own! Finally, on the 23 we are having our 1 year anniversary celebration. Ideas are still in the works, but we will have sweets, freebies, and our much anticipated longboard deck show featuring a variety of local artists who have spent the last 6 months working on their customized longboard decks. Our friends at Flip'd were gracious enough to help us out and offered us some sponsorship in the form of affordable decks thanks guys!